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Cabaire Pressuriser

The Cabaire Pressuriser is ideally suited to light commercial vehicles

Cabaire pressurisers keep your vehicle operator and the components in your vehicle’s cab safe from harmful dust, debris, fumes and chemicals.  A comfortable operator is a more productive operator.

Using a high pressure air pump, a high volume of dual filtered air is pumped into your vehicle’s cab creating positive pressure which forces dirt out through any unsealed areas.

Your operator can breathe easy knowing they won’t be breathing in any harmful particles such as silica or asbestos, reducing the likelihood of developing lung or kidney diseases.

Air pre-cleaning ensures that 90% of dirt is ejected before even getting to the filter, reducing the frequency of filter changes. With less dust in the cab, your vehicle components will last longer, reducing maintenance costs and downtime. 

Merv filtration ensures that 99.97% of contaminants are filtered.

The Cabaire Pressuriser is controlled by the Forestaire micro-processor controller to provide full operator safety and extended filter life.

This product is ideally suited for fitting on light commercial vehicles working within earth moving, agriculture, forestry, quarries or mining industries.

How cab pressurisation works

Installation can be arranged with one of our nationwide HVAC installers.

Do you have heavy mining, construction or forestry equipment, such as Caterpillar, Komatsu, or Liebherr machines? Our Forestaire+ may better suit your machine.

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