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Autoclima Parking Cooler

Park up, switch off the engine and keep cool with the Autoclima Parking Cooler.

Control temperature and humidity and increase the comfort of your driver while they sleep. 

This air conditioning unit uses your trucks battery to operate, reducing fuel consumption and decreasing environmental impact.   The low voltage battery cut out feature will ensure that you’re on the road again after a good sleep.

These quiet, low maintenance air conditioning units feature a 6 speed fan with air vents that can all be adjusted or closed. The multi function remote control allows you to change settings without leaving your bed.

A great option for long-haul, freight transport companies whose drivers need cooling to get a comfortable sleep wherever they choose to park. Reduce the likelihood of covid exposure by foregoing alternative accommodation.

Models available:

Autoclima Fresco Back

The Back unit is usually the truck drivers preferred option without compromising the use of their roof hatch.   Guaranteed cool comfortable climate in the sleeping cab. The evaporator is positioned on the back wall, in the sleeping area, and the condenser is located outside, on the back of the truck cabin. Available in 12V and 24V.

Autoclima Back Parking Cooler

Autoclima Fresco RT

Where the fitting of the back unit is not an option the compact RT (roof top) unit allows for quick and easy fitment into the roof hatch of the truck. Pre- charged with ecologic refrigerant R134a, this universal model allows for fitting on high inclination rate roofs and are available for the most common models of trucks.

Autoclima RT Parking Cooler

Installation can be arranged with one of our nationwide HVAC installers. Contact us today to get a quote.