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Forestaire + pressurisers provide filtered air inside the
cabin to protect you from harmful dust or pollutants.

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We offer on-site servicing

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Park up, switch off and keep cool with the Autoclima Parking Cooler

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Forestaire Automotive Climate Specialists are 100% New Zealand owned and operated. At our purpose built workshop in Rotorua, we specialize in the design, manufacture, installation and servicing of Air Conditioning and transport refrigeration systems. We also have a fleet of 5 comprehensively stocked, service vehicles and can provide you with quick, on-site diagnostic and repairs. Whether you are a customer with one personal vehicle or a business with a fleet of service vehicles, we can help.

Authorised NZ Distributor for RedDOT®

As an authorised NZ distributor for RedDOT-The leader in mobile HVAC solutions, we have in stock an excess of over 3000 high quality, genuine and after-market parts, which we supply to the automotive air conditioning, auto electrical and transport refrigeration industries, both nationally and internationally.  Click here to view the full RedDOT catalogue.

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Autoclima Parking Cooler

Park up, switch off the engine and keep cool with the Autoclima Parking Cooler.  This air conditioning unit uses your trucks battery to operate, reducing fuel consumption.  Control temperature and humidity and increase the comfort of your driver while they sleep.  The low voltage battery cut out feature will ensure that you’re on the road again after a good sleep.

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Cabin Air Filtration

As an expansion on our already vast product range, we have designed the latest innovation in positive pressure Cabin Air Filtration. We provide air pressurisation and filtration systems designed for many specialist automotive environments where prolonged exposure to particular hazards may create an unsafe workplace. From dust to hazardous chemicals, we have a solution.

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Forestaire New Caledonia

Forestaire New Caledonia is based in Paita. We provide air conditioning and cabin filtration services across New Caledonia with our fully equipped mobile service fleet.

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Mobile Surgical Services

As the supplier & Installer of the HVAC and air pressurisation and filtration equipment on the Mobile Surgical Services and Mobile Operating Theatre, our role as technical and logistics support has broadened with many other allied services being available in-house to ensure these units are able to maintain their service/operating schedules and maximise efficiency. In 2020 we also built the new Lithotripsy unit.

Special Projects

Forestaire Refrigeration Transfer System:

Our Innovative and skilled team is able to fit an Air System on refrigeration trucks for the best utilisation of the cube. This system allows for a Second Zone to be added in the rear without the need for a second evaporator. The cube is frozen in the front and chilled in the rear using a cost effective innovation.